legs kind of straight up asana

asana tips and trivia: whatever you want to call it posture

whatever = means that anything could be the definition, you = a rather temporary collection of cells, bodily substances, thoughts and feelings that you might or might not want to identify with depending on daily outlook on life, want = denotes the sometimes overestimated idea that one is free to make one´s own choices, an idea we all desperately cling on to, to call = give a name to, it = the thing we´re talking about, in this case a yoga posture.

Ok, so this twisted two legged compass/boat variation is fun. No special tips to give, just grab your feet if you can reach them, straighten the legs, try to lengthen your spine, pull  the ears away from the shoulders, and tense the shit out of all your muscles. While trying to look like it is something you do every day without effort!

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legs kind of straight up asana
eka pada galavasana
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