eka pada raja kapotasana

asana tips and trivia: eka para raja kapotasana (light version)

eka = one, pada = foot, raja = king, kapota = pigeon

Mermaid pose, depicted in the photo, is the prep pose for one footed king pigeon pose (same but with both arms reaching over the head to grab the foot) and does not have its own sanskrit name as far as I know. It´s a fun, deep hip opener as well as a backbend, and you come into it from regular pigeon. Add on a quad stretch to start with, grabbing the back foot behind you, then with time you´ll be able to wedge the toes into the elbow crease. Hold. Then tighten your whole body in towards the midline for balance (I´m dead serious, you need to stabilize) before reaching over head to find the bind. Hey presto, you´re in it!

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eka pada raja kapotasana