ananda matkunasana

asana tips and trivia: ananda matkunasana

ananda = happy, matkuna = bug, asana = posture/seat

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, believe it or not, but this posture was brought up as one of the more fundamental asanas for the advanced yogi. On one of his many journeys to Rishikesh, the old guru Patanjali was held in custody for three days, with a small bug as sole company in the interrogation room. He spent those three days observing and meditating over this little creature, and he told one of his disciples later that it changed his view on the meaning of life. With a contemplative smile on his face, he´s known to have said “Yeah, bro… if you can´t go to that posture, don´t bother about the rest of yoga.”

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ananda matkunasana
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